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Looking for a CPA Accountant in Langley?

One Loop Accounting is a Chartered Professional Accounting firm licensed to carry out public accounting services such as compilations. One Loop Accounting provides reliable, premium-quality, personalized accounting and tax services to small corporations, sole proprietors, and individuals in British Columbia.

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What is a CPA Accountant?

A CPA is a Chartered Professional Accountant. CPA accountants in Langley go through a long and rigorous training process, which can take close to a decade including work experience requirements. So, you are in good hands if you need your tax dilemma solved!

Accounting Services

T2 Corporate Tax Returns

Your Langley Accountant can help you solve your accounting and tax questions. We specialize in Corporate Tax Returns.

T1 Personal Tax Returns

We help you keep more $ because we show you what deductions you could still include in your Personal Tax Return in Langley, British Columbia.

T5 Dividend Returns

Paying yourself via dividends? We will issue T5 slips for every shareholder in your corporation. Let us handle it.

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