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One Loop Accounting, is a Chartered Professional Accounting firm, licensed to carry out public accounting services such as compilations. One Loop Accounting provides reliable, premium-quality and personalized accounting and tax services to small corporations, sole proprietors, and individuals in British Columbia.

CPA Accountant?

Welcome to One Loop Accounting’s website. You are in the right place if you need your tax-dilemma solved!

T2 Tax Return Professional

Your Langley Accountant can help you solve your accounting and tax questions.

T1 Personal Tax Return Accountant

We help you keep more $, because we show you what expenses you could still include in your Personal Tax Return in Langley, British Columbia.

Langley Accountant Reviews

“One Loop Accounting has saved our Canadian moving company $$$$$ (yes, 5x) because Krisztina noticed that we are overspending in one area of our business where we did not need to! This was a lot of savings in comparison to the Langley accountant’s cost.”
Jani Párkányi Franchise Brands
Jani Párkányi
Franchise Consultant of ModernMarks.earth
“My experience with One Loop Accounting was great! Krisztina did a tremendous job helping me with the tax returns, she was professional and had answers for all of my questions. I definitely recommend using One Loop Accounting!”
Karolis Gincas
Operations Manager
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Krisztina for over two years now. She helps me with my personal and business accounting and tax-related matters. She is knowledgable, reliable, and always easy-to-find when I need to get a hold of her. She is patient. She listens to my concernsl, takes the time to consider all available options and suggests the most appropriate solution available. I definitely recommend her.”
Samin Mortazavi

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