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Accounting Services

Compilation Engagements

Compilation services are non-audit engagements where we compile financial statements and as accountants, we are not expected to provide assurance about the statements. These are called Compilation Engagement Reports, formerly known as Notice to Reader. Our promise is to make sure to comply with the CSRS 4200 Standards and relevant ethical requirements when assisting management with the preparation of the Financial Information.

Corporate Tax Returns

We prepare and file corporate tax returns, also known as T2 tax returns, for small private corporations primarily in the service industry. We educate business owners to handle their personal and business matters separately and help them to deduct all allowable business expenses. By keeping ourselves up to date with recent tax changes, we can help to minimize business taxes.

Individual Tax Returns

We prepare and file personal income tax returns, also known as T1 tax returns, in behalf of individuals and determine tax liabilities. We keep up with updates from tax authorities, therefore, we can make sure that all tax deductions and credits are deducted from income earned to minimize taxes payable.


As business grows, owners can no longer look after everything alone. We provide full cycle bookkeeping services.  Whether it is recording transactions, keeping track of the amounts owed by customers, or summarizing financial information into a useable form, we can help business owners in all steps in the record-keeping aspects of the accounting cycle.

Payroll Services

Business owners are required to report wages and deductions to both to each of their employees and to the Canada Revenue Agency.  We can assist our clients with payroll preparation, or we can help set up a reliable payroll system.

Other Tax Reporting

Businesses have other mandatory tax filings such as GST, PST, HST, and WCB returns. We are able to help with all the aboves. Most of these returns, when filed annually, can be done conveniently in the same time when filing our client’s tax returns.